Thursday, January 28, 2016

Windows 10 Preview Build 11102 or 11099 How To Fix Error in WSClient.dll

If you are one of those guys running Windows 10 on the cutting edge, as on the Fast Ring of the Windows 10 preview release channel, you might encounter RunDLL popping up every time your PC starts up. It will complain Or the below warning. The problem below exists on Windows 10 Preview build 11099 or 11102, Microsoft has announced a known issue on build 11102 and how to patch it up.

Here we will walk you step by step on how to fix the RunDLL warning error every time your PC boots up. First go to Start > Run Command Prompt as administrator by entering “cmd” and right click > “Run as administrator”.

And then past this: schtasks /delete /TN “\Microsoft\Windows\WS\WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask” /F

You should get a message to something like above, The ask “\Microsoft\Windows\WS\WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask” was successfully deleted. Now next time when you restart your latest Windows 10, this warning popup dialog will be gone.
Alternatively, you can also delete the scheduled task WSRefreshBannedAppsListTaskfrom Task Scheduler. The task can be located at Microsoft → Windows → WS.
Click start search: Task schedule let see pic below:

Then right click on WSRefreshBannedAppListTask -> disable -> ok.

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  1. Hey everyone, the link given above for the download link is unfortunately not working! Such a waste of time! Anyway, I did some searching and finally found the file that is exactly we are looking for, and for the sake of good will, I will share it to you!



    It is the direct download link of the true working file, hope I helped!